Thursday, February 3, 2011


Happy Chinese New Year, it's the year of the rabbit and I thought what would would be better to celebrate the Chinese New Year than by posting my Top 10 favorite movies of my favorite Chinese action star: Chow Yun-Fat (or Yun-Fat Chow)! Although he was not born in the year of the rabbit, he WAS born the same Chinese Zodiac year as me and my Dad, the year of the Ram! Awesome! So, here's my list of Top 10 Chow Yun-Fat Movies, Kung Hay Fat Choy!

 #10 Bulletproof Monk (2003) Chow Yun-Fat plays an unnamed Tibetan monk who battles Nazis with a pair of handguns to protect an ancient scroll and there's also Sean William Scott for some reason...
#9 Once A Thief (1991) Chow Yun-Fat is Joe, a part of a trio of international art thieves directed by John Woo.
#8 Hard Boiled (1992) Chow Yun-Fat  is Inspector 'Tequila' Yuen, a cop who teams up with an undercover agent, directed by John Woo.
#7 City on Fire (1987) Chow Yun-Fat is Ko Chow, an undercover cop who infiltrates a jewelry heist.
#6 Curse of the Golden Flower (2006) Chow Yun-Fat  plays Emperor Ping who wears a LOT of gold and sits in steam for most of the movie?
#5 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) Chow Yun-Fat plays the infamous Capt. Sao Feng in the third Pirates film, but unfortunately appears for only a very short time until he is killed by a cannonball! (Also, he's obsessed with steam)
#4 Anna and the King (1999) Chow Yun-Fat  plays King Mongkut, the King of Siam, opposite Jodie Foster as Anna Leonowens in this modern (and non-musical) version of "The King and I".
#3 The Replacement Killers (1998) Chow Yun-Fat stars as John Lee in his first American film directed by John Woo. When a mafia assassin disobeys an order to kill the son of a cop he becomes a target himself! This was the first movie I ever saw Chow Yun-Fat in and soon became a fan of his older Hong Kong action films.
#2 The Killer (1989) Chow Yun-Fat is Ah Jong in John Woo's masterpiece!
#1 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) Chow Yun-Fat  is Kung Fu Master Li Mu Bai in Ang Lee's martial arts masterpiece and remains one of the most popular and highest grossing foreign language films ever!