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More Than Meets The Eyes,
Robots in Disguise
With the release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon (TF3) this week, I thought it would be great to present my list of the TOP 10 TRANSFORMERS. The Transformers were a toy and cartoon which defined my childhood in the 1980's. They were great, robot toys that transformed into all kinds of vehicles, weapons, dinosaurs (i.e. Dinobots), bugs, (i.e. Insecticons) even cities (i.e. Omega Supreme)! Originally based on Japanese toys fro Takara/Tomy then developed by the American company, Hasbro. The criteria for the best Transformers are not based on their characters importance in the cartoon or movies but more on the creativity and diversity of the toy. Despite the many incarnations and generations of Transformers this list ONLY deals with those classic Generation One Transformers (1984-1986) and no others. This list might have some of your favorites too, enjoy! "Transform and roll out!"

#10 Perceptor (Autobot Scientist) - Keeping with a more educational/scientific theme to the later Generation 1 Transformers, Perceptor changed from a robot into a functional Microscope! Although the microscope aspect of the toy could only magnify up to 1x, it still made for a unique toy design.

#9 Jetfire (Autobot Air Guardian) a.k.a. Skyfire (cartoon) - While most of the original Transformers were taken from older Japanese toys, Jetfire in particular, was modeled almost identically after the VF-1S Super Valkyrie Fighter from the anime Macross (a.k.a. Robotech). One of the many popular Transformers toys, Jetfire was also the most articulated of the early Transformer toys.

#8  Sharkticon (Gnaw) - Introduced along with many newer Transformer toys for the 1986 animated Transformers: The Movie, the Sharkticon's had a unique organic (and fearsome) style, much like the other Transformers based on animals (Dinobots, Insecticons) but the Sharkticon presented a much more exaggerated look with huge yellow eyes, two legs, a mace-like tail and of course a huge jaw full of metallic teeth.

#7 Devastator (Decepticons, Constructicons) - The Constructicons were a group of six Decepticons who could transform into (green) construction equipment/vehicles. The incentive for collecting (buying) all of the Constructicons was the ability to combine all of them in order to form a giant robot known as Devastator!

#6 Grimlock (Dinobots) - The Dinobots were an interesting concept, Transformers that could change into robotic dinosaurs. Out five different characters, Grimlock, a Tyrannosaurus Rex was the most popular and the apparent leader of the Dinobots. The designs for all the Autobots were very unique in their design incorporating the various spikes, claws, horns and wings of the different dinosaur designs.

#5 Shockwave (Decepticon Military Operations Commander) - Although the Decepticons already had a robot that could turn into a gun (i.e. Megatron) Shockwave perfected the idea with a more sci-fi/futuristic element as a laser/ray gun. With a glowing pinkish barrel and absent a face, only a single yellow light Shockwave made for a very menacing toy. Especially with laser gun sound effects!

#4 Soundwave (Decepticon Communicator) - Soundwave has always been one of the most popular and highly-sought after Transformers toys. Although unique in design, he remains very 1980's as he could transform into a tape cassette recorder. Originally he came with cassettes that would transform into miniature minions (i.e. Lazerbeak and Rumble).Always a fan favorite, particularly in the cartoon with his echoing, monotone voice.
Megatron (gun form)
#3 Megatron (Decepticon Leader) - Megatron is the ultimate Transformers villain, while in robot form, the toy was very awkward with the gun barrel on his left shoulder, but as a gun (specifically a Walther P-38 Pistol) it was a very realistic looking toy weapon. I have to admit, I never owned this toy as a child because my parents thought it looked TOO real, and was apparently banned in many countries and even on airlines! Despite his reputation as the best villain in the Transformers saga, in the cartoon it was always odd when Megatron would trasform from a giant robot with a huge shoulder cannon and shrink to the size a small gun which Starscream could hold in his hands.

#2 Optimus Prime (Autobot Commander) - What would the Transformers be without Optimus Prime? The quintessential Transformer, leader of the heroic autobots. In robot form he is very impressive and even in vehicle form as a semi-truck with a tractor trailer. With his shiny red cab huge trailer that turns into a command center Optimus has always been the #1 Transformer. However, I always found the trailer part to be awkward and cumbersome. In the cartoon it would rarely make an appearance and often dissapear during battle? Despite being THE most popular Transformer, the trailer is one reason it is not #1 on my list.

#1 Omega Supreme (Motorized Autobot Defense Base) - There is one Transformer that at it's time (1985), was one of the most unique and biggest toys ever and due to his uniqueness of design, function and popularity is why Omega Supreme earns the #1 spot on this list! Omega Supreme was huge, he functioned as an Autobot base which consisted of a laser cannon tank and a launching pad complete with a rocket. The best part about Omega Supreme was that he was motorized (battery-operated), he could walk in robot form and the tank would roll around the base on a rail. It was truly an impressive Transformer!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Fanboys rejoice! Green Lantern is here! With the advent of the new wave of DC superhero movies like Batman Begins (2005) and Superman Returns (2006) as they try to compete with the already powerful Marvel Studios franchises like X-Men and Spider-Man, the next big superhero turned movie star is of course the "Emerald Warrior" himself: Green Lantern!

"In Brightest Day,
In Blackest Night,
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight,
Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might,
Beware My Power,
Green Lantern's Light!"
- Green Lantern Oath

Test-pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is cocky, foolhardy and irresponsible! After he crashes an expensive fighter jet during an experimental test of unmanned planes, Hal is fired from Ferris Aircraft! That night he is mysteriously whisked away by a strange, green energy only to find a crashed space-ship with a dying, purple alien named Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison), who gives him a strange ring and a lantern that gives him powers! Soon Hal is taken to the Planet Oa, where he learns about the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps. As he is trained to use his new powers by a variety of bizarre aliens like Tomar-Re (voiced by Geoffrey Rush), Kilowog (voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan) and Sinestro (Mark Strong) a powerful, evil, force known as Parallax (voiced by Clancy Brown) is encroaching on Earth, destroying everything in it's path!

While fans like me have been waiting a long time this movie, I fear that it has unfortunately not lived up to the hype, like so many other comic book movie disappointments. While the movie's intentions may have been well founded they, like so many others, never seem to consider the immensity of the Green Lantern story as they try to cram so much back-story and characters into one movie! At first the story seems close enough to the original Green Lantern origin story with Abin Sur giving Hal Jordan the ring and with the introduction of the Guardians, The Corps. and Sinestro, but the movie has already presented the audience with so much. And with those (most likely in the majority) who are unfamiliar with Green Lantern, you would think that would be enough, but NO! To satisfy the ever ravenous fanboys, the producers of the movie dive right into Green Lantern's already complex history and dig up a minor villain: Hector Hammond, Peter Sarsgaard) AND not to mention: PARALLAX, who is one of the most powerful entities in the Green Lantern world! Ryan Reynolds seemed like the perfect choice to play Hal Jordan, already experienced with parts in comic book movies such as Marvel's Blade: Trinity (2004) as Hannibal King and in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) as Deadpool (who he will be reprising in his own movie in 2014?!). Reynolds brings his own characteristic attitude to Hal Jordan. While his cocky, irresponsible attributes seem like an unlikely combination to be true to the seemingly fearless, space-cop character. Most often he come off as a very generic superhero with little appeal. As he gets beat down by Kilowog and Sinestro he actually ends up quitting! Even his green constructs seem bland and sometimes campy from a machine gun, to a catapault and even a hot wheels race track!
Opposite Reynolds, is Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, Hal's somewhat bland love-interest. While Hector Hammond (whose origin is changed to better suit the movie) is made out to be the villain in this movie he proves to be simply an annoyance and at times laughable compared to Parallax. SPOILER: While comic fans know all to well that Sinestro will inevitably become Green Lantern's arch-enemy, it seems like a wasted teaser between the credits with Sinestro putting on the yellow ring (forged by the guardians?)!
The whole movie is so overwhelming with over-the-top, fantastic CGI, plus countless, bizarre alien creatures, even the story is full of convoluted (and unnecessary) exposition and two-dimensional characters! It's all just TOO MUCH! The makers of the movie try so hard to include everything possible in an attempt to appease both the insatiable fanboys and a tireless movie audience already overexposed to elaborate CGI (and also 3D) effects. What is all this hype and anticipation worth if we are met with disappointment again and again...?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The 1990's were the new golden age of video games, both in the arcade, on PC and on multi-platform consoles. Most of the video game franchises we still play were created and made famous in the 90's and for those of you like me who were teenagers during the 90's you remember spending countless hours in front of an arcade machine, your computer, or console. A revolutionary new era which introduced 3-D graphics engines, first-person shooters and real-time strategy games. Now as more and more franchises keep coming back including the LONG-awaited release of Duke Nukem Forever on June 14th! CHERNOBOG'S BLOG Presents: The TOP 10 90's Video Games!

#10 Wolfenstein 3-D (PC) Released: May 1992 - One of the first simulated 3D first-person shooters, in Wolfenstein 3D you are an escaped POW making your way through a Nazi castle, fighting off heavily armed soldiers, guard dogs and even Hitler himself with a full arsenal of weapons! "Achtung!"

#9 X-Wing (PC) Released: February 1993 - After 16 years, Star Wars fans finally had a realistic flight simulator which put you in the cockpit of your very own X-Wing fighter as you soared through space taking on The Empire shooting down Tie Fighters and Star Destroyers! "Red 5, going in!"

#8 Tomb Raider (Console/PC) Released: October 1996 - Lara Croft...just hearing that name made millions of gamers drool...combining Indiana Jones-like action with revolutionary 3D graphics and not to mention a seductive female heroine! Spawning a media franchise including over ten games and two movies Tomb Raider has become one of the most popular action-adventure games of all time!

#7 Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness (PC/Console) Released: December 1995 - Believe it or not, years before the release of World of Warcraft, the insanely popular Massive-Multi player-Online-Role-Playing-Game, The fantasy "world" of Warcraft started out as a Real-Time Strategy Game, first in 1994 as Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, then perfected the very next year with Warcraft II! Humans, Elves, Orcs, Ogres, the Undead, they were all there and they fought mercilessly throughout Lordaeron! I love Orcs, "Daboo!"

#6 Street Fighter II (Arcade/Platform) Released: March 1991 - Back in 1987, Capcom released a little known 2D arcade fighting game called Street Fighter, it introduced aspects of fighting games that are still true today such as special techniques and 6-button controls. Then in 1991, Capcom reinvented the genre with the release of "Street Fighter II" and it changed the face of fighting games forever! My favorite was always E. Honda, the Japanese Sumo wrestler with a deadly grip!

#5 Duke Nukem 3D PC/Console) Released: January 1996 - Duke Nukem, the one-liner spewing, foul-mouthed, blond flat-topped haired BAD-ASS! Originally released in 1991 as a platform side-scrolling shooter, Duke would later reappear in a 3D first-person shooter that would change the genre forever! With a variety of weapons, one-liners borrowed from B-action movies with controversial and often pornographic content, the game broke new ground for shooters and remains one of my favorite games of the 1990's! "Come get some!"

#4 Mortal Kombat (Arcade/Console) Released: August 1992 - Just say "MORTAL KOMBAT!" and the blood starts pumping as you recall a variety of memorable characters, brutal martial-arts combat and bloody finishing moves! As fighting games dominated the arcade after the release of Street Fighter and a slew of wannabe's like "King of Fighters", "Fatal Fury", "Soul Calibur" and "Primal Rage". Throughout the many incarnations, Mortal Kombat has been one of THE most popular fighting games ever! My favorite was always Liu Kang and his Bruce Lee style of fighting!

#3 Doom (PC/Console) Released: December 1993 - One man, armed to the teeth, surrounded by HELL! "Doom" made the first-person shooter what it is today an insanely popular and immersing sci-fi/horror shooter puts you in the game as a space marine with an arsenal of weapons against a horde of demons! The violence, the gore, the action, everything made "Doom" both revered and feared! Every gamer loved it, every parent hated it! I can't tell you how many hours I spent playing the original game, it started when I got a Shareware copy of the first episode (remember Shareware?) and literally wore it out and crashed my computer I played it so much! My weapon of choice: The Chainsaw!

#2 Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation) Released: January 1997 - Final Fantasy first appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987 in Japan (1990 in the U.S.) and was one of the first video game role-playing games with multiple characters, elaborate stories, and unique game play abilities. As the series gained more popularity all over the world it wasn't until 1997 when Final Fantasy VII was released on the Sony PlayStation and changed the world of gaming and RPG's forever! Fans everywhere were hooked into the adventures of a little yellow-spikey haired hero named Cloud Strife and his battle against the evil Sephiroth! In 2005 the game inspired a computer-animated movie in 2005, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Despite it's huge popularity, FF7 met with some controversy when it was banned in 2006 in the U.S. for it's depiction and advocating terrorism! However, FF7 lives on and is available on the PlayStation Network.

#1Resident Evil (PlayStation) Released: March 1996 - "Resident Evil" (a.k.a. Biohazard) defined Survival-Horror games in the 1990's! Zombies, The T-Virus, The Umbrella Corporation, Raccoon City, S.T.A.R.S.! After spawning over a dozen video games on multiple consoles and now four movies, the Resident Evil franchise had a small beginning with it's first appearance on the PlayStation game system in 1996 and started a phenomenon! The games included an in-depth storyline, complex puzzles, horrifying creatures and zombies and heart-pounding action! Favorite Game: "Resident Evil 2"!

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On June 12, 1981, Paramount Pictures released one of the greatest action-adventure movies of all time: Raiders of the Lost Ark! When you combine the genius of Steven Spielberg (Jaws) and George Lucas (Star Wars), you get one of the greatest action heroes ever: Indiana Jones, played by none other than Harrison Ford. Already a star as the smuggler Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope (1977) and Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Ford would further his career as an action star with his now iconic whip-wielding archaeologist/professor. Indiana Jones was based on the pulp magazine heroes of the 1930's such as Doc Savage and Nick Carter.
Set in 1936, Indiana Jones is an archaeologist and part-time archeology university professor. After an unsuccessful trip to South America where Jones risked his life to obtain a golden idol, which is taken by his rival Rene Belloq (Paul Freeman). When he returns home, Jones is recruited by the U.S. government to find the biblical "Ark of the Covenant" before the Nazis. During his journey, he travels to Nepal and is reunited with Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen), the daughter of his mentor, Dr. Ravenwood in search of an ancient amulet, which holds the map to where the Ark is hidden. After a run in with Nazis Jones and Marion travel to Egypt where they meet his old friend Sallah (John Rhys-Davies). While the Nazis search in the wrong place Jones and Sallah find the real resting place of the Ark, "The Well of Souls", but just when they are about to take it, they are captured by the Nazis and Belloq. As the Nazis take the Ark they seal Jones and Marion in the tomb with thousands of deadly snakes. After a miraculous escape Jones and Marion try to catch up with the Ark and end up on a secluded island where Belloq and the Nazis attempt to open the Ark unleashing a powerful supernatural force which destroys everything and everyone except for Jones and Marion. Unfortunately the U.S. government takes the Ark and hides it away in a vast warehouse.

Raiders of the Lost Ark brought back the classic adventure story for a new generation and made Harrison Ford twice the star in the 1980's as he would go on to star in two Indiana Jones sequels The Temple of Doom (1984) and The Last Crusade (1989) and then the third Star Wars movie Return of the Jedi (1983) and many other parts such as Rick Dekard in Blade Runner (1982), which would define his career. "Raiders" had such an impact on movies and holds a place in film history as a pop culture phenomenon alongside "Star Wars". Even today, Indiana Jones' legacy goes on with new films like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008). Even Disney still pays tribute to Indiana Jones with two separate attractions bearing his name from The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular in DisneyWorld Hollywood Studios and The Indiana Jones Adventure in DisneyLand! If you love Raiders of the Lost Ark as much as I do; please post any comments you might have, favorite lines or quotes from the movie would be great! Thanks!

Indiana Jones Official Website

Thursday, June 9, 2011


GHOST RIDER IS BACK!!! The Spirit of Vengeance makes his return since the comic was cancelled back in 2009. Now the comic gets another reboot in this special # 0.1 issue, following with a new ongoing series from Marvel Comics! Surrounding the events of Marvel's latest "Fear Itself" story arc, Johnny Blaze returns as Ghost Rider, ready to tear up the asphalt on his demonic bike!

"JOHNNY BLAZE made a deal with the DEVIL, Now he's CURSED to wander the earth. Carving a path of fire on his hellish cycle, meting out brutal retribution against sinners and evildoers. Where there was once a man, there is now only THE SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE, and the only thing louder than the screams of his victims is THE ROAR OF HIS ENGINES. Prepare for HELL'S WORST ANGEL...
Prepare for GHOST RIDER!"

Ghost Rider's story starts from scratch as we learn how Johnny Blaze made a deal with Mephisto to save the life of his Stepfather, dying from cancer in exchange for Johnny's soul. Then of course, Blaze is bonded to the demon Zarathos and his stepfather dies anyway in a bike crash. After a little back story, we find Johnny Blaze drunk and depressed in a bar droning on and on about his curse when in walks a mysterious figure who introduces himself as Adam. He informs Johnny that the world is ending, the "Serpent" is here AND he can offer to lift the curse from him and give his life back if ONLY he will trust him... Of course Johnny declines and gets his ass kicked trying to save a woman during a riot. Later, Johnny awakens having been cared for by the woman he tried to save but out of anger, turns into the Rider and leaves after she offers to help him. Soon he accepts Adam's offer and he gives Johnny a magical tree root to swallow and tells him to drive so fast that it'll rip the Rider from him. Once the demon is gone, it will attach itself to someone else but Johnny will be free. As Johnny rides faster than he ever has he sees visions of Hell and demons as the Rider is ripped from his body. Although Johnny is free, the war on sin has just begun...To Be Continued!
This new series marks the return to the more classic version of Ghost Rider. While this version  of Johnny Blaze seems to be much more of a cynical character, weary from his curse (and with a southern accent, much like the movie version). As Marvel sends Ghost Rider in a new direction under a new creative team including writer Rob Williams ("Throwbacks", "Daken") and artist Matthew Clark ("Superman", "Doom Patrol"). Although this is the original Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, the new series has obviously made some changes to his orign story, one being the fate of his now "stepfather"?! Although I have been eagerly awaiting the return of Ghost Rider, who has always been one of my favorite characters, I am reluctant to accept ANOTHER reboot! Since last years reboot of "Wolverine" and even "The X-Men", I have been very disappointed with Marvel. (DC Comics is no better with their own reboot of the entire universe in August) And since this is now the fifth time Marvel has brought back the "Ghost Rider" title (1990- Danny Ketch, 2001, 2005 and 2006-ending with 35 issues!) will this be THE last time...? I doubt it. So, in the meantime, the new series will have to prove itself as an ongoing series and NOT just another failed me what you got Marvel!
Look for the new "GHOST RIDER" #1, Coming July 6th!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Superhero Summer continues with another Marvel movie: X-Men: First Class, the latest prequel and proposed "reboot" of the X-Men movie franchise! Since X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) was a failed finale to the X-Men Trilogy, the producers of the X-Men movies have focused their efforts on prequels, i.e. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). X-Men: First Class is essentially a new beginning as we set up the origin stories of Prof. X and Magneto and how the X-Men got started. The movie takes place around the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis as the newly formed X-Men (now mostly teenagers) go on their first mission! The movie begins with a prologue from several POVs, the first surprisingly enough is a very familiar scene, the opening to the original X-Men movie in Poland, 1944 (re-shot almost entirely scene for scene), where a young Erik Lehnsherr (now played by Bill Milner) after bending the metal gates at a Nazi Concentration Camp, is separated from his parents only to be brought to a mysterious German scientist who wants to use his "gifts" to his advantage, using threats to spark anger from the young mutant to reveal his powers. Later we are taken from the horrors of WWII to a luxurious mansion in England where we meet a young Charles Xavier (Laurence Belcher) accidentally meets a familiar shape-shifting mutant named Raven, a.k.a. Mystique (Morgan Lily)! Years later, we see an older Xavier (James McAvoy) and Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) celebrating his graduation from Cambridge, not quite yet the "professor" that we have come to love, instead he irresponsibly uses his telepathy and his nerdy knowledge of genetics to pick up girls at bars! While Xavier is abusing his power and new-found academic achievements, on the other side of the world we have an older Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) who seeks revenge on the Nazis who killed his family in a never-ending search for the mysterious scientist who we later on find out is none other than Sebastian Shaw, (Kevin Bacon? Yep, that's right, Kevin Bacon!) of the Hellfire Club along with his henchman Riptide (Álex González) and very seductive henchwoman: Emma Frost (January Jones), a.k.a. The White Queen! While Erik tries to find Shaw, he's not the only one as the CIA is also on his trail as Agent/Dr. Moira McTaggert (Rose Byrne) goes undercover to find out his diabolical, world-dominating plan. While the government enlists the help of Charles Xavier to find Shaw, during the chase Charles meets Erik by accident and they later form a friendship and go around the world to recruit other young mutants such as Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Havok (Lucas Till) and Angel (Zoë Kravitz, daughter of Lenny Kravitz!). Soon they form a "school" for mutants and thus the X-MEN are born! Unfortunately, they have very little time to train before they have to save the world from Nuclear War between the U.S. and Russia!
Left to Right: Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Moira McTaggert (Rose Byrne),
Emma Frost (January Jones),  Azazel (Jason Flemyng), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Havok (Lucas Till), Angel (Zoe Kravitz), Mystique/Raven (Jennifer Lawrence ), Prof. Charles Xavier (James McAvoy)

Although rebooting a movie franchise is difficult, particularly with comic book movies, as there have been some successes (Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008)) and some failures (Superman Returns (2006)). While the main focus of the story is the relationship between Xavier and Magneto, there is this very odd love triangle involving Mystique. Both movie and comic fans are already familiar with the complex history between Xavier and Magneto, whereas Xavier, the more peaceful leader, has always been the Martin Luther King Jr. of mutants, whereas Magneto, a more violent activist, remains the Malcolm X of mutants. These philosophical differences between these two "old friends" has always been at the core of the X-Men story. While Xavier has always been one to seek mutant acceptance and understanding from humans in a world that hates and fears them; Magneto on the other hand, has always sought to make mutants the dominate species, believing them to be better than humans, and if that means getting rid of normal humans, so be it. Charles McAvoy (who isn't new to comic book movies, having played Wesley in Wanted (2008)) makes a pretty decent Prof. X, although he is first presented as somewhat immature. Michael Fassbender's performance as Erik/Magneto is excellent (and being born in Germany helps too)! This movie adds a whole new level to their relationship, by putting Mystique in the mix. Already a popular character/villain in the previous movies, there was never much to her back story. While in the comics it's very clear over the last 30 years with her involvement with Rogue and of all things, being the mother of Nightcrawler, however being that the movie continuity and comic continuity are two completely different things, the movie is free to do with these characters as they please!
At first, the dynamic between these two unlikely friends is perplexing and to those X-Men fans already scratching their heads saying: "How could Xavier and Mystique have been friends as children?" is well founded. As the two develop a sort of brother and sister relationship forming a close bond, Xavier vows to "help" Raven become more normal. However, enter the "bad boy": Magneto and his insistence that Mystique need not "hide" behind her shape-shifting powers and remain in her true (blue) form. Although the X-Men Universe is filled with many mutant characters that have yet been given life on the big screen, you may be thinking how many more mutants could there be? The addition of Angel (definitely NOT the feather-winged Angel from the original team or X-Men 3 movie (played by none other than Ben Foster) and with the addition of other more obscure characters like Riptide and Azazel, is it possible they have run out of mutants?

I have to admit, I had some reservations on this new X-Men, fearing that it would try to appeal to a more teenage audience, not unlike the Twilight or Harry Potter movies. While the original 60's X-Men comic featured teenage superheroes, the movies, beginning with X-Men in 2000,  featured more of the adult characters such as Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm and of course Wolverine. (SPOILER ALERT: As a matter of fact, good old Hugh Jackman makes a very brief but hilarious cameo as Wolverine in this movie!) While the trilogy did feature some of the teenage mutant characters such as Rogue, Iceman and Shadowcat, they did not feature prominently in the movies. With this movie, the producers of the franchise sought to return to it's teenage roots with a fresh start with a younger ensemble cast (See Photo),  plus the addition of a popular up and coming director, Matthew Vaughn who directed Kick-Ass (2010).
X-Men: First Class is a breath of fresh air in an already overwhelming genre! As we prepare for even more Superhero/Marvel movie mania in the near future such as The Avengers (2012), this movie, despite being a reboot, just goes to show how much a fresh start can revitalize a fickle franchise. Only the box office knows for sure...