Monday, March 15, 2010

I Love All-Con!

      On March 12-14 my friend Russell and I procured a booth at this year's All-Con 2010 in Addison, Texas! All-Con is an independent convention for fans of several genres including Science Fiction, Fantasy, Renaissance, Anime, Costuming, Theater/Performing Arts, Mystery, Art, Crafts, Collecting, and Film Making! I have been a patron at All-Con since 2006 as a big fan of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, anime and an occasional costumer (guilty!). After blowing my money on the various collectibles and such for years, I thought it would be a change to become an actual vendor at the con to give a little back (and make some money because I'm broke!) So I teamed up with my best friend and writer Russell C. Connor to run a booth where he would sell his awesome novels for Dark Filament Books and I would sell a multitude of comic books, graphic novels, toys, action figures and collectibles I had been accumulating for years! For three days and a total of 17 hours we got to experience the con much differently than previous years. Since I'm not there as a customer I had to treat this like a job and was unfortunately not able to experience all the things the con had to offer except after the vendor's room was closed but there was plenty afterwards and long into the night! I love the costumes, all the crazy people you meet and even a few celebrities. I myself was able to meet Larry Hama the writer of the Marvel "G.I. Joe" comic books from the 1980's which I grew up collecting. I also got to see the local metal band Urizen awesome! I also got to experience a demo in Female Roller Derby with Assassination City DAMN those girls are hot! All in all I'd say this year was a great convention. I made a little money and had lots of fun, although I lost some sleep and also my health (I have been suffering from bronchitis for weeks now!) but we still managed to run a successful booth. Hope to see you at All-Con 2011 next year!