Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Ravens: Super Bowl Champs!

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens, Super Bowl XLVII Champions! On Sunday, February 3r, 2013, The Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49rs, 34-31 at Super Bowl XLVII! Despite the horrendous halftime show featuring Beyonce and the 30-minute long power outage, not to mention the awful and tedious Super Bowl commercials, it was actually an impressive game. I don't really consider myself a football fan even though I played briefly when I was young, although not very well. Recently I have maintained somewhat of a fondness for the Baltimore Ravens. Ever since I visited Baltimore, Maryland to attend the 201st birthday celebration of Edgar Allan Poe back in 2010, I discovered that the Ravens (who've been around since 1996) took their team name and mascot (named "Poe) for "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe, since Poe lived, worked and eventually died and was buried in Baltimore. Being a Poe aficionado, I enjoyed the fact that Poe's memory and works lived on in what would seem the most unlikely of homages: The Baltimore Ravens. Since then I have fancied myself somewhat of a Ravens fan, having purchased a Raven's cap when I was in Baltimore and I proudly wear it on occasion (despite derision). Being a native born Texan, naturally you would think I was a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, but sadly that is not the case. The only time I can remember rooting for the Cowboys was in my youth around the time of the Super Bowl was when they won against the Buffalo Bills in 1993 (XXVII) and 1994 (XXVIII). The Baltimore Ravens and the city of Baltimore, Maryland celebrated their victory today with a parade filling the stadium and marching down the streets with pride. This is the second Super Bowl win for The Ravens and I congratulate them and the city of Baltimore for their victory! GO RAVENS!