Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Farewell To X-Play

Today marks the end of an era as X-Play, G4TV's only original television program devoted to video games and gaming, says goodbye with it's final episode. Originally known as "GameSpotTV" (1998-2001) and then "Extended Play" (2001-2003) which premiered on July 4, 1998 on what was then ZDTV which became TechTV and then turned into G4. Hosted by Adam Sessler, who until 2011, was the last remaining TV personality from the ZDTV days, the show was renamed "X-Play" in 2003 and got a new co-host: Morgan Webb. For almost 15 years and over 1300 episodes, X-Play has brought it's viewers honest and sometimes brutal reviews of video games in an industry dominated by over-franchised sequels and  tons of mediocre games. With it's unique blend of journalistic honesty and comedy X-Play has been THE number one TV show on video games and gaming. I myself have been a long-time fan ever since I first saw "Extended Play" on TechTV with Adam Sessler. For years X-Play has been my only preferred source for video game news and reviews. I have always enjoyed their many original comedic episodes too. I will miss many of the delightful and colorful characters which appeared on various X-Play episodes over the years like Shad Grimgravy, Morgan VonWebb, Crazy Adam, Adam 2.0, Slippy the Fish, and who could forget Drunk Link. Along with their many movie and game parodies such as the Star Wars episode, the zombie episode, the "Breakfast Club" episode, the "Saw" episode or the "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" episode, along with many celebrity parodies featuring Patrick Stewart, Roger: The Stan Lee Experience and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. X-Play's final show paid tribute to some of the best moments of the show and even auctioned off several rare video game collectibles on Child's Play Charities.
With it's last show airing on January 23, 2013 along with "Attack of the Show" it won't be long until G4 will be rebranded as the "Esquire Channel". Until then, G4 will be running reruns of X-Play and Attack of the Show along with it's tedious showings of the dregs of overly-syndicated TV show reruns including Heroes, Lost, COPS, Campus P.D., Cheaters, and Knight Rider, not to mention G4 movies. The future of video games and gaming maybe uncertain and unfortunately we will have to face that future without X-Play. "Everyone plays!"

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