Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day: Top 10 Cartoon Dads

It's Father's Day! A day to celebrate fathers, fatherhood, barbecue and beer! For the last 100 years we set aside a day to honor Dad. In the world of cartoons and animation there have been many famous Dad's and despite how great or how neglectful they may be. We all see a little bit of our own Dad in them. From "The Flintstones" to "The Simpsons" and every Disney single parent, what would we do without them? To honor Father's Day CHERNOBOG'S BLOG Presents: The Top 10 Cartoon Dads! Happy Father's Day!
#10 Gepetto, Pinocchio (1940) Home: Italy - When puppetmaker Gepetto makes a wooden boy marionette and wishes upon a star to make him a real boy, the Blue Fairy grants him his wish and brings Pinoccchio to life. But it is only after he sacrifices himself to save his father from the hale Monstro that the Blue fairy turns Pinocchio into a human boy. Based on the 1883 children's book by Carlo Collodi it was adapted into Walt Disney's second animated feature film and became an instant classic.
#9 Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture, The Venture Bros. (2003-Current) Home: Venture Industries - The son of renowned super-scientist adventurer Dr. Jonas Venture. Rusty was a former boy adventurer and the inspiration for the 'Rusty venture' cartoon series. Now head of Venture Industries, and a single father, he lives with his two sons Hank and Dean Venture. The family used to live with Brock Sampson, their former bodyguard, they recently hired Sgt. hatred a former super-villain as their current bodyguard. Created by Jackson Publick, The venture Bros. is a popular animated series on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.
#8 George Jetson, The Jetsons (1962-1963, 1985-1987) Home: Orbit City - The original Space-Age Dad, George and is married to Jane and has two kids, Judy and Elroy. With their dog Astro and robotic-maid Rosey The Jetsons live in in a floating apartment building called Skypad Apartments. George works at Spacely Sprockets and tries to deal with the hectic and fast-paced futuristic lifestyle. Produced by Hanna-Barbara, The Jetsons were the Space Age counterparts to The Flintstones.
#7 Hank Hill, King of the Hill (1997-2009) Home: Arlen, Texas - Hank Hill works at Strickland Propane and is married to Peggy and has one son, Bobby, they also live with Luanne Platter, Peggy's niece. A former high school football star, hank is fond of his propane grill and drinking beer with his buddies by the fence. Created by Mike Judge (Beavis & Butthead) after 13 seasons, King of the Hill was the third longest running prime-time animated series next to The Simpsons and South Park.
#6 Fred Flintstone, The Flintstones (1960-1966) Home: Bedrock - Produced by Hanna-Barbara, this Stone Age family was the first prime-time, animated, family sitcom. Fred, a quick-tempered, accident-prone, caveman is married to Wilma, they have one infant daughter Pebbles, they have a pet dinosaur named Dino. Fred works at Slate stone quarry. The Flintstones live next door to their friends The Rubbles: Barney, Betty and Bamm-Bamm.
#5 Stan Smith, American Dad (2005-Current) Home: Langley Falls, Virginia - Stan works for the C.I.A. and is married to Francine. They have two children, Hayley and Steve. They also live with Roger the alien and have a pet goldfish named Klaus whose brain was transferred from a humans. Stan is a staunch conservative and patriot, prone to paranoia about terrorism. Created by Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy), Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman it is currently in its seventh season.
#4 Peter Griffin, Family Guy (1999-2002, 2005- Current) Home: Quahog, Rhode Island - Peter and is married to Lois. They have three children: Meg, Chris and Stewie, they live with their dog Brian. Peter is an dimwitted, overweight, alcoholic, Irish-American who constantly endangers the lives of his family with his antics. Formerly an employee at the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory, Peter currently works for "Pawtucket Patriot" Brewery. Created by Seth MacFarlane, the show was originally featured as two short animated films called Larry and Steve (1997).
#3 Mufasa, The Lion King (1994) Home: The Pride Lands, Africa - King of the Jungle, father to Simba and mate to Sarabi. Mufasa was murdered by his brother Scar. Feared he would be blamed, Simba ran away only to return with help and reclaim the throne from his uncle. The Lion King is Walt Disney Pictures' 32nd animated feature film and remains one of its most popular and successful films remaining one of the highest grossing hand-drawn animated films of all time. It was adapted into a Broadway musical in 1997.
#2 Marlin, Finding Nemo (2003) Home: The Ocean - A not-so-funny Clownfish and single-father, Marlin lost his only son, Nemo, who was captured by divers off the coast of Australia. With the help of Dory, a Blue Tang and other aquatic friends he was able to find his son. Developed by Pixar Animation Studios, Finding Nemo was the highest grossing computer animated film until the release of Toy Story 3.
#1 Homer Simpson, The Simpsons (1989-Current) Home: Springfield, U.S.A. - The bumbling, overweight, alcoholic father of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, Homer is married to Marge. They live with their dog Santa's Little Helper and cat Snowball II. Homer currently works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Created by Matt Groening, The Simpsons have been the most popular prime-time, animated sitcom for the last 23 years.
"Remember as far as anyone knows, we're a nice normal family." - Homer Simpson