Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Brendon Small is one of the most original independent artists of our time! He is an accomplished  writer, voice actor, composer and musician. He was co-creator of the animated series 'Home Movies' (1999-2004) originally on UPN and then on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. He is most notable as the co-creator, co-producer, co-writer, composer and voice actor of the heavy metal animated series Metalocalypse on Adult Swim featuring the fictional (or virtual) death metal band Dethklok! Along with the highly popular animated series, he has also produced two albums featuring the music from 'Metalocalypse' including The Dethalbum in 2007 and Dethalbum II in 2009. On April 29th, Brendon Small released his own album of original music called Brendon Small's 'Galaktikon', a full-length, heavy metal album on Small's own label (BS Records) and distributed through Top Spin Media. 'Galaktikon' is described by Brendon Small as "a High Stakes Intergalactic Extreme Rock album!" and likens it to an "audio comic book". While waiting for the 4th season of 'Metalocalypse' to premiere on Adult Swim (also on April 29th), Brendon Small has been working on this side-project which is essentially a concept album.
Brendon Small
The album features a number of prominent tracks starting with the rising, epic, first track "Triton", a story about a lonely space traveler as he searches the vast universe wanting more out of life. "Deathwaltz" is an impressively, heavy track with growling Motörhead-like vocals. The ballad-like "You Can't Run Away" is the most musically versatile track, with it's steady rhythm and inclusion of acoustic and electric guitar sounds. The album also features the high-energy (but oddly named) instrumental track called "Dangertits". The final track on the album is the fast-paced "On My Way" which brings the whole concept album to an abrupt halt.
'Galaktikon' features Brendon Small on vocals and guitars; Gene Hoglan from Strapping Young Lad, Testament, and Fear Factory on drums; Bryan Beller of Steve Vai and Mike Keneally Band on bass; with engineer and mixer Ulrich Wild. The musical style of 'Galaktikon' is much more melodic and a little less heavy (or "brutal") than the music he produces for 'Metalocalypse', which reflects more of Small's own personal style. With Small's unique melodic style, speed and virtuosity. "Galaktikon' is an amazing album! Any fan of 'Metalocalypse' or Brendon Small's music will enjoy it immensely. Brendon hasn't announced any plans yet to tour again with the Dethklok band or with his new 'Galaktikon', but keep your eyes on the stars!

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