Monday, January 23, 2012


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, and to celebrate CHERNOBOG'S BLOG is counting down the Top 12 Dragons! What would the world be without dragons? No other mythological creature has been so prevalent in so many different cultures all over the world than dragons. While this fact has been attributed to the number of dinosaur fossil sites found all over the world, nevertheless the dragon is an important mythological creature and the most important creature in the Chinese zodiac. While I was born (unfortunately) in the year of the Sheep and/or Goat, characteristically being artistic, indecisive, a worrier, pessimistic, and over-sensitive! The Dragon is strong, self-assured, proud, noble, dignified, and intellectual! There have been so many great dragons in both mythology, literature, movies, and even video games. So, for this Year of the Dragon, CHERNOBOG'S BLOG Proudly Presents The Top 12 Dragons: xiang shou! (Enjoy!)
#12 Toothless (a.k.a. The Night Fury), How To Train Yor Dragon (2010)
#11 Bahamut from Final Fantasy VII (1997) video game and Final Fantasy: Advent Children (2007) animated movie
#10 King Ghidorah from the Godzilla movie series
#9 Deathwing from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (2010) PC MMORPG
#8 Falkor, The Neverending Story (1984)
#7 Haku, Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away (2007)
#6 Maleficent in dragon form in Disney's Sleeping Beauty (1959)
#5 Draco, Dragonheart (1996)
#4 Taro, The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (1958)
#3 The Dragon from Beowulf 
#2 The Dragon (a.k.a. Vermithrax Pejorative), Dragonslayer (1981)
#1 Smaug from The Hobbit (1937)