Friday, April 22, 2011


Not since and The X-Files has a long-standing TV show kept my interest with little disappointment other than SUPERNATURAL! It's been my favorite show on The CW since the beginning and unlike other shows on The CW like Smallville (which I stopped watching regularly shortly after the first season), Supernatural (created by Eric Kripke) is a show that has literally "grown-up" with every season. I enjoyed following the adventures of brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) & Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester every Thursday night (now on Fridays!) as they battled ghosts, monsters, vampires, and demons! And through ALL of their hardships (DRAMA!), the MANY deaths (i.e. their father John played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) including their own, the many incarnations of the demon Meg and the arrival of the angel Castiel (played by Misha Collins), AND not to mention: THE APOCALYPSE!!! With the upcoming Season 6 Finale on 4/22, I present the TOP 13 BEST EPISODES of Seasons 1-5...why 13??? Because, it's SUPERNATURAL!

#13"Monster Movie", S.4, Aired: 10/16/08 - It's Oktoberfest and Sam & Dean investigate a series of mysterious murders reminiscent of classic monster movies! AND it's in Black & White! This is one of my favorite fun episodes (which has nothing to do with the current continuity). I have always loved the old Universal monster movies and the shape-shifter creature was a perfect opportunity to include it!

#12 "Mystery Spot", S.3, Aired: 2/14/08 - When Sam & Dean discover a supernatural mystery spot, Sam dies again and again and again... in a maddening loop that only Dean knows about! The concept seems hilarious but it actually becomes quite heart-wrenching as Dean has to deal with every death!

#11 "The Monster At The End of This Book", S.4, Aired: 4/2/09 - Apparently Sam & Dean are characters in a series of novels written by Chuck Shurley (Robert Patrick Benedict) who turns out to be a prophet? Chuck has become one of my favorite new characters and as a fellow writer I can relate to him.

#10 "The Usual Suspects", S.2, Aired: 11/9/06 - Sam & Dean are arrested and suspected of murder, but a ghostly clue helps them to solve it with the help of guest star Det. Diana Ballard played by Linda "The Exorcist" Blair! It was cool to see Linda Blair play a part and I had hoped she might become a regular, but sadly...

#9 "The Kids Are Alright", S.3, Aired: 10/11/07 - Dean drops in on an old girlfriend, Lisa (played by Cindy Sampson), and finds out she has a son, Ben (Nicholas Elia) who's neighborhood is being terrorized by changelings!

#8 "Hell House", S.1, Aired: 3/30/06 - While Sam & Dean battle a killer spirit they meet the Ghostfacers for the first time! The Ghostfacers were a great way to parody the recent popularity of over-the-top ghost hunters (i.e. "Ghost Hunters", "Ghost Adventures") they showed up several times in the show whenever Sam & Dean came across a haunted house.

#7 "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" S.5, Aired: , In Bobby's hometown, the dead are returning to life and want to go about life as first, then Zombies attack! This was a great variation on the zombie genre, the people who came back from the dead seemed normal but they soon changed and fed on flesh!

#6 "All Hell Breaks Loose", Part 1 & 2, S.2, Aired: 5/10/07-5/17/07 - Sam finds himself in a ghost town with others with psychic powers who have been pitted against each other by the yellow-eyed demon! Very intense!

#5 "The End", S.5, Aired: 10/1/09 -  5 years into the future, the apocalypse has happened, Lucifer has possessed Sam and the Croatoan virus runs rampant! This was a disturbing look into a possible future, especially when we saw what Sam could become as the host for Lucifer.

#4 "Hunted", S.2, Aired: 1/11/07 - As Sam hunts for others with psychic powers like him, he is being hunted by Gordon, a relentless vampire killer! The vampires in Supernatural were different from other vampires, somewhat reminiscent of the vampires from The Forsaken (2001).

#3 "Nightshifter" S.2, Aired: 1/25/07 - Sam & Dean search for a shape-shifter in a bank with the aid of Ronald (played by Chris Gauthier) a paranoid conspiracy-theorist, when they become surrounded by a SWAT team! Ronald was an interesting character, paranoid but yet very sympathetic.

#2 "Devil's Trap", S.1, Aired: 5/4/06 - Season One's Finale was the first in a long line of cliffhangers when Sam & Dean finally find their father and battle a demon only to be hit-and-run by semi-truck! After this first season fans couldn't wait for the next cliffhanger!

#1 "Pilot", S.1, Aired: 9/13/05 - Every story has a beginning and the original Pilot started it all! Meet Sam & Dean Winchester, while searching for their missing father Dean picks Sam up from college and they come across the urban legend of the "woman in white"! It's amazing how much things have changed since then...