Saturday, May 29, 2010

IN MEMORIAM TOP 10: Dennis Hopper (May 17, 1936 - May 29, 2010)

#10 "True Grit" (1969) - Hopper plays an outlaw to John Wayne's hero, movie trivia has it Wayne chased Hopper around the set with a loaded gun!
#9  "Blue Velvet" (1986) - I was really creeped out when I first saw Hopper sucking on oxygen and going down on Isabella Rossellini! Yikes!
#8 "My Science Project" (1986) This was a low-budget 80's Sci-Fi, Comedy kind of like "Back to the Future" with an interesting story and Hopper plays a crazy science teacher, Mr. Roberts!"
#7 "Super Mario Bros." (1993) - I know, but when I saw this as a kid I thought it was awesome! Hail King Koopa!
#6 "Speed" (1994) - Hopper as one of his craziest villains, mad with revenge and a freaky looking hand, Keanu Reeves owes him a lot!
#5 "Easy Rider" (1969) - This is the one that started it all! Hopper as a scruffy buckskin clad Hippie! Groovy!
#4 "Apocalypse Now" (1979) - This is the one man, the one he is the most noted for and imitated, man! The crazy photojournalist who found himself stuck on Kurtz's island.
#3 "Land of the Dead" (2005) - Hopper said he based his performance of Kaufman on Donald Rumsfeld! A great yuppie-type villain.
#2 "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2" (1986) - This is the most hilarious of all the TX Chainsaw's movies with Hopper as Lieutenant 'Lefty' Enright fighting Leatherface with dueling chainsaws! Awesome!
#1 "Waterworld" (1995) - As the Deacon, he is one of the most sinister and funniest villains ever, he has some of the greatest lines in this movie!