Monday, August 31, 2009


    Rob Zombie, former front man of "White Zombie" and now solo artist, embarked on his new passion for horror films. Already a devoted horror film fan he both wrote, produced and directed movies such as "House of 1,000 Corpses" (2003) and "The Devil's Rejects" (2005). In 2007 he released his re-imagining of the popular horror franchise Halloween and gave new life to the Michael Myers killer. Essentially a remake, however Zombie's new version explores more of the psychology and origin of Michael Myers who in the original films remains very much a mysterious character with a very vague back-story. Now, Zombie continues the story with essentially a remake of a sequel to a remake in H2!
    The story begins much like the original Halloween sequel "Halloween II" (1981) with Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) in the hospital following the aftermath of Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) killing spree. But, surprise, surprise, of course: Michael is not dead! The rest of the film focuses three point of views: Laurie's new and traumatized life as she now lives with Sheriff Lee Brackett (Brad Dourif) and his daughter, Laurie's best-friend Annie (Danielle Harris); Dr. Samuel Loomis (Malcolm McDowell) as he profiteers of his new book about Michael Myers revealing the truth about Laurie being Michael's sister to the world, unbeknownst to her! We also see a little into Michael Myer's life as he has retreated to an almost hermit-like life in the counrty where he is constantly haunted by bizarre visions of his dead mother (Sherri Moon-Zombie) and his younger self (Chase Wright Vanek) apparently Daeg Faerch from the last movie did not return?
    Well, it's Halloween again and Michael Myers is determined to find his sister "Boo" (Laurie) and try to reclaim what family he has left or kill her in the process and what follows is an even more intense and ultra-violent killing spree where the once un-emotional and silent Michael Myers has become slightly more bloodthirsty and determined as he hacks and slashes his way through Haddonfield.
    I must admit I was somewhat taken back by this new direction and the bizarre twist ending that I don't think anyone had imagined. Also, the very disturbing and somewhat psychedelic visions of Michael's mother all clad in white and followed by a white horse adds to the dream-like imagery of the movie. With this odd new direction I wonder if Rob Zombie will continue on with a slew of Halloween's, but perhaps he can go on to more original films. We shall have to wait and see...