Saturday, May 2, 2009

MOVIE REVIEW: "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"

    I LOVE the "X-Men" movies! 2 was the best, but 3 was disapointing. And just when you think the trilogy was over, we get a Prequel! Obviously Wolverine is the most popular character and he has been my favorite ever since he got his own comic way back in 1988. I was so excited when I first saw the trailer for this and couldn't wait. Hugh Jackman returns for the 4th time as the scruffy, Canadian, metal clawed mutant. Like most Hollywood comic adaptations it never fails to make lots of changes to the original source material, that's why they're called adaptations!
 If you've ever read Wolverine or X-Men you know Wolvie has the most confusing and conveluded origin ever. And since the 2001 "Origin" series., they keep changing it! "X-Men Origins" is no different, although they do try to stick with Wolverine's origin, they have to incorporate the other stuff they messed up in the previous 3 movies, so we have LOTS of problems. With all the Weapon X, adamantium, mutant craziness, on top of all that they made Sabretooth Wolverine's brother! On top of that, there's WAY too many mutants in this one, it seems like every movie tries to outdo the other by adding more and more mutant/x-men characters for cameos and even go so far as to create some of their own or takle existing ones and screw them up! Fans were excited when it was revealed that Gambit and Deadpool make an appearance and even more so when they found out that Ryan Reynolds would be playing Deadpool. Another anti-climactic cameo is the Blob, you know when you've run out of mutants when you put in the Blob (although I've always had a soft (fat) spot for him, but really, somebody tell me what he has to do with Wolverine and/or Weapon X?
 For the most part it makes for a cool, exciting action movie but I think we've had enough. I've loved the Marvel movies, there've been hits (i.e. X-Men, Spider-man, Iron Man) and misses (LOTS of misses, i.e. Elektra, Hulk...) Maybe "X-Men 2" should've ended the franchise or maybe Hollywood is destined to keep milking it until it becomes non-profitable and fanboys like me stand up and say "Ok, that's it, I'm done." and walk out...