Thursday, May 10, 2007

Music Review: Dimmu Borgir - “In Sorte Diaboli”

Dimmu Borgir - “In Sorte Diaboli” (2007)
“What you believe is true is false. What you thought right, wrong.”
      In the beginning, there was Metal, and it was good. Then, there came Dimmu Borgir, the most brutal black metal band to come out of the ancient land of Norway! Why this attempt at a blasphemous parody? When you hear the new album from Dimmu Borgir, “In Sorte Diaboli”, you will think my little joke is nothing compared to the blatant dark and disturbing imagery in this new album. The deluxe version of this 10-track album includes the exclusive U.S. bonus track “The Heretic Hammer” and a bonus DVD which contains several features such as the music video for “The Serpentine Offering”, the making of the video featurette, the making of the album featurette, and a photo gallery!
        The deluxe edition is worth the extra price for there is also an intriguing booklet containing the narrative behind the album’s storyline in the form of a wayward monk’s thoughts on forbidden truths and diabolical revelations.
        I thought nothing would surpass the masterpiece that was their 2003 album “Death Cult Armageddon” with the epic “Progenies of The Great Apocalypse” but with this new album, tracks like “The Serpentine Offering”, “Sacrilegious Scorn” and “The Sinister Awakening” Dimmu Borgir has improved upon itself in its quest to express their ideals of the hypocrisy of religion and embracing the darker aspects of the human condition in their music. If you have never experienced Dimmu Borgir and crave an intense, mind-blowing, metal onslaught than check out “In Sorte Diaboli”!

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